"Best Unknown Band of 2018"


ranked #13 on Miami New Times

"Best Miami Songs of 2017"


'All Went Black'

"There's something incredibly special about AnastasiaMax and the twisted, intelligent, enchanting angst-fuelled, alternative music that they are creating. AnastasiaMax are self aware, driven by the this dark, passionate, courageous inner strength. Maturely fighting back against the shared feelings and experiences that impact negatively on the human condition. Finding a place where we can all dance with our demons until we find the light."
- When the Horn Blows
"Beyond their writing, which far exceeds their years, their musical ability and captivating performances are quickly making [AnastasiaMax] artists to watch."
- Rockdafuqout
"The band sonically touches on both the past and present, embracing the grit of older rock legends, but having the clean edge and full sound of modern alternative rock bands—the result is a promising, riotous rock sound destined to make waves."
- Boston Hassle
"14 year old Anastasia and 18 year old Maxamillion are no strangers to the stage, and their experience has led to a talent far beyond their years."
- Idobi
"To be so young and to deliver lyrics with such power and emotion is pore-raising and with her 18-year-old brother Maxamillion on guitar creating that perfect indie-rock vibe, it’s clear to me that this duo is going to blow up very soon."
- Music Is My Life
"Anastasia has a completely unique voice, brimming with soul that carries haunting and powerful melodies of semi-gothic lyrics that delve into the darkness of being left behind by those we love."
- Gems & Secrets
"At only 14 years old, Anastasia produces a genuinely heartfelt voice full of sincerity and soul. Coupled with her brother Maxamillion delivering the hard-hitting goods on guitar, it’s a lethal combination about to strike the hearts of many with their soul-stirring “semi-goth” lyrics."
- Born Music
“Anastasia's haunting vocal and mature lyricism flawlessly rises out from Max's intricate and exciting guitar work, seeing the track boldly extending its arms and dragging its listener deeper into the vibrant, heart of Anastasia Max's gritty, yet polished, underworld of sound.”
- When the Horn Blows
"Music, in my opinion, is meant to make people feel…and this [band] does just that. Pain, angst, heartache, regret and self doubt ooze from every note in every melody."
- Rockdafuqout 

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