Writing for 'The Haunt' began in early 2015, beginning with debut single 'All Went Black', penned by Anastasia at age 12.

Following an overwhelming positive response and strong support from their peers early in the writing process,

Anastasia and Maxamillion continued to study music with the guidance of friends and mentors in the industry, learning and honing their abilities in writing, recording, arranging, producing, and performing live at a professional level.

The result is 'The Haunt' a deeply personal collection of songs discussing the ups and downs of two young musicians finding their voice.

It was recorded in Fort Lauderdale, FL. over the period of

one month, produced by Joshua Diaz and is the product of many late nights, early mornings, arguments, celebrations and learning to love something that doesn't always love you back.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as

we enjoyed making it.


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